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From the past few years, the architectural landscape of Pakistan has seen a major change. As the trend of advanced design and supportable building increased, homeowners also started to purchase materials. Materials that provide beauty and strength. In this blog we will have insights on the increasing trend of UPVC doors in Pakistan.

When the question of long run and beauty rises, upvc doors is its answer. They have gained an increasing popularity among the homeowners and builders. Their functionality and style are changing the architecture of Pakistani homes. 

Understanding upvc

UPVC stands for unplasticized polyvinyl chloride. It is a form of plastic. It is hard and durable. Unlike traditional PVC, it does not contain plasticizers that are use to make PVC flexible.

UPVC materials are used in making windows, doors, pipes etc. Below are some benefits, types and key considerations, installation tips and factors that influence upvc doors.

Benefits of UPVC doors in Pakistan

Why choose UPVC doors? What are its qualities? What is its advantage? Below is the answer of all these questions:-


UPVC doors are famous for their long run. They are weather resistant From hot summer to cold winters, with a changing degree of humidity. UPVC doors are developed to stand firm even in the worst weather. They also remain unaffected by moisture.

UPVC doors are also impact resistant. They are designed with such a strong material that can resist huge physical impact. They are especially suitable for areas with heavy usage. 

The big benefit of upvc doors is its insect resistant properties. They resist termites and pests which increases their lifespan. 

Attractive Decoration
UPVC doors are accessible in several styles and colours. These materials can imitate the look of wood. Also it offers a top quality look. Their clean lines and smooth surface give them a shiny and modern look. They are combined with glass panels which make them more attractive.


Security is a big and important matter for homeowners. UPVC doors are designed with a multi point locking system. This feature makes them more safe. The power and flexibility of upvc doors offer an additional layer of protection. 

Energy Efficiency

In the regions like Pakistan, temperature can be very high in summer and too low in winter. Due to this, energy efficient materials are very important. UPVC doors provide amazing insulation properties. This feature helps to keep home cool in summers and warm in winters. We can save a lot of energy using this method.

Environmental Conditions

UPVC is recyclable material. This feature makes it an eco-friendly option for homeowners who are conscious about the environment. The creation process of upvc doors  has a low carbon footprint as compared to other materials.

Types of UPVC doors in Pakistan

There are several types of upvc doors in Pakistan. Types of doors are given below:-

Double Georgian door with double sided fixed georgian bars:-

It is a pair of doors designed that reflects traditional Georgian architecture. The addition of double sided Georgian bars on its internal and external surface of the glass panel give it a grid like look. This look imitates the classical Georgian windows. 

Double Casement Doors:-

Double casement doors have earned a huge attention due to its functions, beauty and energy efficiency. It consists of two door panels that hang at the side. They can open outside or inside from the centre. This design is multiskilled and can be used in several ways. The use of UPVC ensures durability and low maintenance.

Single door with panel and side fixed:-

This door provides an advanced entrance that improves the internal as well as external area of homes. Normally, this door panel is attached by fixed side panels. The panels can either be transparent or opaque.

Single door with double sided Georgian bars:-

Georgian bars are decorative material that divide windows or doors into smaller sections. It gives the look of multiple individual panes. When these bars are put on both sides of doors they make an amazing design. This design reflects traditional Georgian architecture.

Double door panel with casement and side fixed windows:-

Another innovative entrance solution is a double door panel with casement and side fixed windows. It is a double door panel with a frame. Windows are fixed on its side. This door provides a perfect combination of style and decoration.

Double Glass door with top arch glass windows fix:-

It is designed with a double layer of glass with a bridge fixed glass window at top. This offers amazing design and decoration to homes.

Key consideration while choosing UPVC Doors

There are some key aspects to consider while selecting UPVC Doors. Those key considerations are given below:-

  • Quality of Material
    Quality matters not only choosing doors but selecting any product. Its quality ensures its durability, energy efficiency, maintenance etc. That’s why while choosing upvc doors in Pakistan you should check the quality of material used in it.

    If the door is designed with quality material then it will be durable. Moreover, it will be energy efficient, secure and decorative. That’s why while selecting upvc doors you should check the quality of material.

  • Installation
    As choosing the right type of upvc doors is important, making sure its installation is equally important. Proper installation is very important to take full advantage of upvc doors. Improper installation of doors can result in several issues such as misalignment, drafts, reduced insulation efficiency etc.

    Proper installation of doors provides various benefits such as maximizing durability, ensuring quality, preventing damage etc. In order to seek full advantages proper installation is necessary.

  • Cost
    While selecting the upvc doors considering its cost is the most important aspect. The cost of upvc doors varies depending on the quality, design, size, installation charge of doors. While setting up a budget you should consider all aspects.

  • Warranty
    Warranty is more than a promise. It is an insurance of quality and performance. UPVC Doors that are famous for their durability, efficient energy, security and low maintenance. A strong warranty gives homeowners a peace of mind.

    A warranty provides quality assurance, protection against defects, cost effectiveness and increases resale value. That’s why choosing upvc doors considering the warranty is important.

Installation tips of UPVC doors

Installation of upvc doors is not an easy task. It requires careful and perfect planning. Improper installation can result in issues. Also you cannot take its benefit after improper installation. Below are some tips of installation of upvc doors:-

  • Prepare the installation site:-
    Before purchasing a door, first you should measure the frame and size of the door. Make sure that the dimensions of doors perfectly match with its frame. Check whether the wall is smooth and free where the door is to be placed.

  • Gather necessary tools:-
    Collect all the necessary tools that will help in perfect installation of doors. Collect tools like measuring tape, screwdrivers, electric drill, screw and wall plugs, hammers etc.

  • Remove the old door:-
    If you are replacing an old door with a new one carefully remove the old door along its frame. Do not exert pressure on it to remove. Use tools such as screwdrivers or electric drills to unscrew the hangs and remove it.

  • Install the new UPVC Door:-
    Set the new door in its frame. Use spirit level to make sure perfection of its vertical and horizontal alignment. Insert wall plugs and secure the frame with screws. Recheck the alignment after securing.

  • Fit the doors:-
    Fix the hangs to the door with the screws. Make sure that hangs are aligned with the matched slots on the frame. After that carefully hang the door on the frame aligning the hangs.

  • Seal the gaps:-
    Use the foam insulation to fill any gap between the door frame and the wall. This will offer more insulation.

  • Final adjustment:-
    Make sure that all locks and handles are correctly positioned. Also check whether they are functioning well or not. Clean the door and its surrounding area to give it a clean look.

Factors influencing UPVC Doors price in Pakistan 

There are many factors that influence the upvc doors price. Some of them are given below:-

Material Quality

The quality of UPVC material itself plays an important role in its price. Top quality UPVC is more durable, resistant and offers better insulation. Due to this high quality of upvc it comes at a higher cost.

Door design style

The design and style of upvc doors also influence its prices. Normal design with standard characteristics is more affordable. Custom designs, mixed patterns, colours finishes or wood grain texture increase its price.

Size and Dimensions

The size and dimensions of the door simply influence its cost. Large doors need more materials. That’s why they are more expensive. Customized doors size can also increase its cost.

Hardware and Accessories

The selection of hardware and software tools also increase the cost. Top quality and  safe tools are more expensive. This is another factor that influences the price of upvc doors.

Energy efficiency and Glazing

Energy efficient doors with double or triple glass are more expensive than those with single glass. This is because double or triple glass provides better insulation and decreases energy cost. This influence on upvc doors.

Installation cost

The cost of installation factor is another aspect to consider. Professional installation guarantees that the door is perfectly install. They also ensure that it provides improved performance and durability. That’s why installation cost also influences the 

upvc doors price.

Brand and Manufacture

The credibility and brand manufacturer also influence the price. Famous brands with past performances charge more for their products. They charge more because they provide better warranties.

Market Dynamics

The dynamics of the market also influence the upvc doors price in Pakistan. During times of high demands, prices rise due to increased competition of material.That’s how market dynamics influence prices.


The fast increasing trend of upvc doors in Pakistan is the evidence of its prime qualities and advantages. With the passage of time homeowners become more aware of its benefits, upvc doors will become the standard feature. It is an excellent investment for homeowners who are looking to improve functionality and appearance at their homes.

If you are building a new home or upgrading a previous one, have a look at the countless benefits of upvc doors. With their broad range of upvc style, there’s an upvc door that fulfils the requirements of every homeowner.


  1. What is the lifetime of upvc doors?
    UPVC doors can last up to 35 years if take care them properly. Most of the companies guarantee then 10 years.

  2. Is a UPVC door fire proof?
    It is a characteristic of upvc doors that they are fireproof. It means that if the fire catches on it will stop burning.

  3. Are UPVC Doors secure?
    Yes, UPVC Doors are secure. They are manufacture and design with multiple locking systems that make them secure.

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